A consultancy that stands for Quality, Integrity and Service. 

About Orthos Consulting Engineers

Orthos Consulting Engineers is a consultancy that provides services in multiple aspects of structural engineering.

With over 10 years of experience working on some of Sydney’s most complicated sites, we are a driven consultancy that wants to provide our clients with value adding solutions & unparalleled service without the sting of a hefty price tag.

Over the years practicing, we have discovered that the fortune of a project is generally determined early at the concept stage.

At Orthos, we strive to get things right at the beginning to provide the most beneficial outcomes for the client, the architect and the builder.

Above all, our success comes from standing by our values: Quality, Integrity and Service.

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Our Values


We think through every component of your structure and ensure safe & reliable solutions in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards.


We are honest engineers who will conform with all codes and regulations to ensure your structure remains serviceable for it’s lifetime.


We stand by you from concept until completion to ensure your project is delivered correctly.

Why Choose Orthos Consulting Engineers?

Safe and Reliable Structural Engineering Solutions

We have an extensive knowledge of Australian codes and regulations and how they relate to your structure. We also look at the structure holistically and not as separate components

Extensive Experience
Combined With Fast Turn-Around

We have vast knowledge, and a strong background in concrete, steel, timber and masonry construction. We’ve also had previous exposure to complicated sites with water tables and the requirements of top-down construction.

Save Thousands for You or Clients
With Cost-Effective Solutions

We’re not afraid to push boundaries to find safe and feasible solutions that completely satisfies your expectations. We always aim to over deliver.

Never Feel Stressed with our Responsive Communication

We prioritize quick and responsive communication. You will have our full support from the initial concept through to the end of construction. 

Amazing Competitive Price

Orthos Consulting Engineers prides itself for providing value adding solutions and quality documentation to our clients. Where we also separate ourselves from our competitors is understanding that our clients also have budget and don’t need to be exploited with ludicrous fees. We guarantee a fair price for our services.

The Easiest Structural Engineers to Work With

We are professional and chartered engineers that stand by our values. Throughout the entire process we will remain transparent with our client and guarantee the project is done correctly.


Here's What our Happy Clients are Saying

"Michael, you have been the easiest to deal with in all this process. Thank you so much!"
Structural Drawings
"Michael was professional and very kind to answer our questions. We highly recommend Orthos Engineers!"
Inspection Report
"Michael was extremely professional, insightful and reliable in his approach. He was honest and 'to the point' in answering all our questions and providing direction. We would definitely use Orthos Consulting again and recommend it to others."
Structural Drawings
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